Press Release | February 23 Processions – Karari Resistance Committees Coordination

The coup authorities continue to use all methods of direct and indirect death on citizens, including bullets, tear gas, and torture. And now, despite the deadly advance payment bills for the Sudanese person to pay, a number of cities in the capital, Karari, and Al-Thawrat have been without water for three days in a row.

After inquiring about the reason for the cuts, it was found that there is a malfunction in Al-Manara main station and it is alleged that the revenues from thewater tariff are insufficient to operate the stations despite the huge sums taken from citizens’ pockets by force (advance payment policy), but that money is invested by the government in its program to suppress and kill peaceful citizens and to prolong the lifetime of their coup d’état by purchasing the finest types of tear gas, weapons, and the most expensive global espionage systems available.

After levies and expensive and ever-increasing fees, the citizen still does not have access to the most fundamental of his rights. There is no doubt that you followed the previous period’s policy of imposing increases on gasoline and electricity, and even cooking gas, and it is clear that the coup authority has no intention of stopping this attrition by pursuing policies of citizen impoverishment and starvation.

Accordingly, we urge citizens to march to the water station tomorrow, Wednesday, February 23, at ten o’clock in the morning, in rejection of the policies pursued by the coup authority until its overthrown.

Destination: Water Authority
Assembly point: Shaglaban
Time: 10:00 a.m.


  • Adhere to the directives of the field committees.
  • Maintain the peacefulness of the procession and cooperate with the security committees.
  • No clashing with the regular forces.

Media Office
February 22, 2022