Joint Press Rlease | The return of Dr. Abdullah Hamdok as Prime Minister

There are news being circulated about the return of Dr. Abdullah Hamdok as Prime Minister in coordination between the United Nations Transition Support Mission (UNITAMS) and the African Union.

The Sudanese revolution is a revolution of radical change and national liberation, and radical change necessitates a re-imagining of the Sudanese state’s form, with the need for the people to own power and remove it from the elites; because these political elites have failed to achieve any development for the Sudanese state since the great independence until now, and have led the state to dependency and neglected national sovereignty.

Therefore, we, in the Revolutionary Charter for the People’s Authority,
affirm that the authority is the authority of the people, and the people must choose their prime minister through the Transitional Legislative Council, coming from the localities as stated in the Revolutionary Charter for the People’s Authority. Accordingly, we reject any supranational, undemocratic, popular approach that appoints any prime minister, whether Abdullah Hamdok or others, in isolation from the authority and will of the people.

Repeating mistakes is neither right nor prudent. Nominating a prime minister from any party is a usurpation of the people’s authority, a contradiction of the revolution of radical change, and it is committed to the formation of a new political incubator and a new elite that dominates popular power, all of which we absolutely reject and will resist.

March 9, 2022

Signed by:

  1. Madani Resistance Committees / El Gezira State
  2. Nyala Resistance Committees Coordination / Southern Darfur State
  3. The Joint Field Committee for the Recovery and Protection of the Revolution / North Kurdufan
  4. Al Di’ain Resistance Committees Coordination / East Darfur
  5. Port Sudan Resistance Committees Coordination / Red Sea State
  6. Al Jinaina Resistance Committees Coordination / West Darfur State
  7. Zalinje Resistance Committees Coordination / Central Darfur
  8. The Red Sea’s Localities and rural regions Resistance Committees Coordination
  9. Al Niem Refugees Camp Resistance Committees Coordination- Al Di’ain / East Darfur
  10. The committees are the bodies that have signed the Charter of People’s Authority
    1/ Mayerno Resistance Committees
    2/ Wad Omnsa locality Resistance Committees
    3/ Wad Al Abbas Administrative Unit Resistance Committees
    4/ Wad Taktook Administrative Unit Resistance Committees
    5/ Wad Al Rakin Administrative Unit Resistance Committees
    6/ Doba Administrative Unit Resistance Committees
    7/ Al Jinaina Neighborhood Resistance Committee – Sinnar
    8/ Alliance of Irrigated Blue Nile Projects Farmers & Al-Suki Agricultural Authority
    9/ Ismail District Resistance Committee
    10/ Al Dali Resistance Committees
    11/ Wad Hashim West Resistance Committee
    12/ Al Fashir District Resistance Committee – Sinnar
    13/ Al Damar Resistance Committees
    14/ Berber Resistance Committees
    15/Al Damazin Resistance Committees
    16/ Free Lawyer’s Charter – Sinnar
    17/ Al Shaik Al Tom Committee – Wad Banaga
    18/ 49 Block Committee
    19/ Al Gala’a West Resistance Committee
    20/ Al Mazad (39) Resistance Committee
    21/ Kadogli Resistance Committees
  11. Free Barricades -Zalinje
    1/ Sharg Al Wadi Neighborhoods Resistance Committee
    2/ Al Hasahisa Neighborhood Resistance Committee
    3/ Al Thawra Neighborhood Resistance Committee
    4/ Al Wihda Neighborhood Resistance Committee
    5/ Imtidad Al Muhafizin Resistance Committee
    6/ Al Souq Neighborhood Resistance Committee