Press Release | The excessive and lethal force of the coup forces – Madani Resistance Committees

Glory to the honorable martyrs.

We strongly condemn the excessive and lethal force of the coup forces against the processions today, March 10, which resulted in the martyrdom of three revolutionaries, including children today, in Khartoum State, with reports of more than three martyrs. May the mercy, forgiveness and acceptance of God be upon them.

This increase of violence cannot be viewed in isolation from what is being cooked and is now being prepared from a settlement to circumvent and abort our revolution, the glorious revolution of radical change. As the signs for negotiation appeared, the murdering and repression increased in the despicable exploitation of Sudanese youth lives as bargaining cards and pressure points.

We also strongly condemn the violence in West Darfur state’s Jebel Mun, as well as the killings carried out by Janjaweed forces and militias there, which resulted in the death of 17, the burning of four villages, dozens of injured civilians, and the terrorization of unarmed women and citizens.   We condemn the coup forces’ use of force against unarmed peaceful protestors in Madani during the March 8 procession, as well as the infliction of 44 injuries, some of which were serious.

We in Madani Resistance Committees strongly reject this excessive repression by the coup forces and stress that the revolution of radical change is on its way and will sweep everyone away. no retreat, no back down.

March 10, 2022