Press Release | The bloody events in the city of Kreinik, West Darfur – Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination

The Sudanese masses:

We followed with great sadness and pain as armed militias and regular soldiers in all their divisions launched a ruthless and barbaric onslaught on innocent civilians in Kreinik, West Darfur state, which left hundreds dead and wounded and burned villages, government buildings, and health facilities, and information about the scale and extent of the humanitarian disaster, including the state’s capital city of El Geneina, is still coming in. All of this occurred in plain view of the military and security services, as well as their withdrawal from the site of the events, indicating that they seem to be complicit in the state of violence and instability that has engulfed Sudan since the October 25 coup.

We in the Khartoum City Resistance Committees pray for God’s mercy to be bestowed on innocents murdered, wish for a speedy recovery for the wounded, and appeal to civil society organizations and doctors to provide relief to our afflicted people affected by the events. We also call international human rights organizations’ attention to these grave violations.

The Honorable Revolutionaries:

The group of military killers who sat on the throne of the coup d’état of October 25, drowned to their ears in the blood of the Sudanese people in Darfur for the past twenty years, are responsible for all the massacres and rivers of blood have flowed and continues to flow to this day in Darfur and throughout Sudan, and that today’s renewed violence is merely an attempt to escape forward and transfer the coup authority’s battle with the Sudanese people’s masses from Khartoum to Darfur through this brutality in their repeated and unsuccessful attempts to terrorize the Sudanese people and dissuade them from their just demands for freedom, peace, and justice.

We hold the coup authorities accountable for this disorder, and we will closely monitor what is happening in the city of Kreinik, we will not hesitate to demand their rights for everyone, as our covenant with the Sudanese people mandates. We pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness for the deceased and a speedy recovery for the injured.

This gambling group continues to shed Sudanese blood in the mistaken belief that evading accountability requires more bloodshed; however, they are unaware that they will pay the price for any drop of blood spilled on this sacred land, and that they will face accountability, punishment, and just retribution.

Media Office
April 25, 2022