Press Release | The alleged invitation to break the fast on the table of blood – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

The Resisting People of Sudan:

Sincere greetings of glory and honor to you as you continue to resist the forces of darkness despite their oppression and humiliation of the Sudanese citizen’s dignity; To write the highest definitions of patriotism and dismantle the state founded on colonialism, enslavement, death, and economic and legal inequality, into a state that respects the Sudanese citizen’s entity and worth, protects his right to life, and works to distribute wealth and rights fairly.

Recently, several media outlets reported that the killers had invited the resistance committees to break their fast (Iftar) with them.

We wish to inform you that no official invitation has arrived through the organizational channels of any committee or coordination of the resistance committees in Khartoum, and that what is meant by this news is the political media profit from the killers, as if whoever kills us is another party!

It is merely a false attempt to demonstrate their concern for the public interest, and to conceal the flaws of their love and attachment to power despite the rejection of their rule by the majority of Sudanese people, and we also inform you that they are unable to extend the invitation in an official manner; Because the killer’s heart tremble in fear and terror from dealing with the companions of those whom they treacherously killed.

Lastly, in the Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination, we deny our presence or connection to this call and reiterate our firm stance that “there is no negotiation, no partnership, no legitimacy,” which applies to all our positions toward those who kill us and spill the blood of the Sudanese people.

We in the resistance committees emerged from the womb of the suffering experienced by the Sudanese people from killing, displacement, economic constraints, and disorder; we will not compromise with the killers.

We shall continue on our path to permanently removing the military government from Sudan and restoring the military institution to its designated responsibilities without compromise or acquiescence. In this journey, which is about to end, the traitors who aided the colonial forces in the country will inevitably fall.

Media Office
April 24, 2022