Press Release | Recent events in the Jabal Mun locality of West – Karari Resistance Committees Coordination

The recent events in the Jabal Mun locality of West Darfur State prove that the wounds of this land are still open and bleeding out. Our martyrs are making the ultimate sacrifice to liberate their land from oppression. Sudanese people are being martyred in peaceful demonstrations as well as inside their villages and homes in the West of our beloved country. Our people that are being martyred as a result of the oppressive authority’s weaponry remain immortalized in this land’s memory. The continuing struggle and revolution, intended to give complete power to the people, is the only shield against the ongoing bloodshed and the use of excessive force against our people, as has happened throughout history (prior to Independence and to this day).

Despite the coup orchestrators’ communication blackout and intended cover-up of such crimes, we have received initial reports of many martyred and wounded. Additionally, cases of rape where documented in the Jabal Mun region, where a number of villages were burned to the ground.

We extend our condolences to the families of our martyrs and the entire nation. Yet, in our minds, lies the only consolation that befits the dignity of the Sudanese people: a nation that preserves our right to life, justice and dignity. That is what we will achieve by removing the coup leaders, who are responsible for these killings and violations, from power and returning it to the people. Regardless of how long it may take, we perceive that as our rightful duty and obligation.

What transpired in Jabal Mun and the surrounding regions is evidence that the military and militia leaders’ assertions regarding the necessity of their presence in the political scene in order to guarantee national security are false. Rather, their command of the military cannot be relied upon, let alone expecting them to oversee the country’s political process.

We hold the coup military council and their co-conspirators responsible for the suffering of our people in Jabal Mun. We urge all human rights defenders and journalists to shed light on these atrocities and hold the coup forces accountable using all available means.

We call upon our people to raise slogans of solidarity, demanding an end to the bloodshed and the establishment of justice, in today’s demonstrations.

As this revolution taught us, rights are to be taken (not asked for).

The day of judgement is near.

Karari Resistance Committees Coordination
Media Office
November 25, 2021