Press Release | National Popular Resistance – South Khartoum & Al Kalakla Resistance Committees Coordination

“Let us make of the events that the country is going through a national popular resistance to overthrow the Military Council.”

Organizing the ranks of peaceful civil resistance has become an urgent necessity to overthrow the military coup, which is working hard to destabilizing the society by provoking and fueling conflict on the basis of tribe, gender and ethnicity to thwart our quest for liberation from the tyranny of reactionary regimes, which was overthrown by ideals of freedom, peace, justice and tolerance of December revolution.

Our proud people:

We, South Khartoum & Al Kalakla Resistance Committees Coordination, condemn the crime and brutality perpetrated by the components of our society in the Blue Nile state, and we call on the wise people of our various components to contain the situation so that it does not aggravate and expand, as there is no victor in this war. We are all sons of this country and our duty is to unite to resist the coup and bring it down and end the ambition of the counter-revolutionary forces to eliminate our dream of establishing a state of citizenship and equal rights.

The masses of our people:

Peaceful demonstration is a basic right of all components of the Sudanese people, with its various organizations, to decide on its factional, social and economic issues against those who monopolize power and use it for their interests by taking away the rights of the demonstrators.

Today, we, South Khartoum & Al Kalakla Resistance Committees Coordination, appeal to all Sudanese tribes with their various names to listen to the voice of reason and bear the historical responsibility that the moment necessitates, to call for unity with the revolutionary forces to bring down those who incite sedition and trade in our blood. Let our allegiance be first to the homeland and the causes of its common people, not to the tribe and the region. The country belong to us, from east to west and from south to north.

The processions of Janub Al Hizam – Mayo “South of Khartoum” heading towards the palace today, denouncing the violence and killing in the Blue Nile. We hold the coup’s repressive forces accountable for the safety of the protesters, and we call on all citizens and revolutionaries to participate in raising awareness about the importance of unity and resistance to end all forms of injustice caused by the problematic exercise of power, and to reject all hate speech and division in order to achieve the country that embraces our dreams and aspirations, and to celebrate our diversity as the greatest national wealth we own and what sets us apart from all other countries..

Mercy and forgiveness for the martyrs, speedy recovery for the wounded, the return for the displaced, and freedom for the detainees.

Media Office
July 19, 2022