Press Release | Events of The Blue Nile State – Al-Roseires Resistance Committees

The resistance committees pray for God’s mercy for all the souls of the martyrs in the events of the Blue Nile State and the country in general, and a speedy recovery for the injured.

Today, nine bodies were buried in the city of Al-Roseires, and before that, one body was buried in the Quneis area east, bringing the total number of bodies buried in Al-Roseires locality to forty. Additionally, over fifty-one wounded were transferred to Al-Damazin Hospital, and there are a number of bodies at Al-Damazin Hospital.

Food, water, and a variety of  necessities were provided to the displaced in different locations, and in collaboration with a number of organizations, entities and initiatives to provide the necessary support and interventions for them.

The arrival of a large number of armed forces to the Blue Nile and the current military presence, which is more of a show off than the actual act of extending security, exemplifies what we have warned about in the past, namely the compromise of freedom and democracy for the security of the citizen, the plundering of their wealth, and the tightening of the security grip on the resources of the Blue Nile and Sudan in general with the assistance of some exploiters. We assure them, however, that we will defeat all of their plans, return more powerful than they can imagine, and accomplish what the people want.

We, Al-Roseires Resistance Committees, hold the regional and the central government accountable for these events, and we demand the formation of an independent commission to investigate and bring to justice all individuals involved, whether they were government employees or not.

We urge all residents of the Blue Nile to coexist peacefully and not to believe rumors that are intended to increase tensions in the Blue Nile state. We also appeal to all international and regional organizations to act more effectively due to the high number of displaced people and their harsh living circumstances, which we hope to overcome as soon as possible, with the help of you and the good people of our country.

Al-Roseires Resistance Committees
July 18, 2022