Press Release | Lifting of Old Omdurman Sit-in – Old Omdurman Resistance Committees Coordination

Our victorious people:

We begin by congratulating our great people on the blessed Eid al-Adha; may God bring it back to our nation while it is under democratic civil rule and in a free and just homeland where we do not hear the sound of the gun.

This Eid arrives as all of our people are engaged in the battle of resistance against the military rule, and we offer each day a martyr to become one of the stars of freedom in the sky of our country. This is the battle in which our people employed a variety of tried and true methods of peaceful resistance, starting with processions and barricades and concluding with sit-ins in all the cities of Khartoum State after the great 30th of June march. Our sit-ins symbolized the reclaiming of the land and its liberation from the military, as the soldiers retreated in defeat before an unarmed people chanting for freedom, justice, and peace.

Our resistant people:

The sit-in in old Omdurman, extending from Al-Azhari Square to Wad Oro Stop, has accomplished a step on the path of struggle and the ongoing revolution project; It provided a safe space for discussion among the various forces of the revolution, and we were able to create dialogues that strengthened the ties between all components of the forces of the revolution, which serves our sacred goal of uniting all forces of the revolution. And now we announce the lifting of Old Omdurman sit-in, so that the military coup authority realizes that the sit-ins are weapons directed at them, and we return to it while we are more organized, united, and powerful, carrying with us the accumulation of revolutionary experience in the resistance and the lessons of the experience of these sit-ins politically and on the ground, until the day we permanently end the coup and overthrow its authority and restore the path of civil democratic transformation.  We thank the residents and people of the neighborhoods around the sit-in, as well as the Sudanese who supported it.

Old Omdurman Resistance Committees Coordination
June 11, 2022