Press Release | July 17 March – Greater Omdurman Resistance Committees Coordination

A salute of glory, gratitude, and steadfastness for what the inspiring crowds of our people accomplished on the June 30th march that roared and disrupted the crumbling coup in preparation for bringing an end to it and advancing the revolution to its goals. We pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness for all the martyrs of the homeland and speedy recovery for the wounded and injured and freedom for all detainees.

Khartoum state coordinations, including Omdurman coordination, continued their sit-ins as an extension of the June thirtieth force and the resolve to bring down this coup.

The coordination of the Omdurman resistance committees have agreed to march on July 17th, to renew the covenant and to continue the path of our people that’s filled with sacrifices and high hopes, refusing to retreat or surrender in order to establish the authority of the people, preserve their dignity and freedom, and to accomplish the goals of our glorious revolution.

Tracks will be published later by the field committees

Media Office
July 14, 2022