Press Release | Events of One Homeland March – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

We pray for God’s mercy to be bestowed upon the soul of today’s procession martyr, Mujtaba Abdel Salam, who was killed as a result of being run over by one of the vehicles of the police forces and the joint forces of the army, the General Intelligence and Rapid Support Service. The fate of perpetrators of such atrocities, regardless of their time or magnitude, is criminal prosecution.

The peaceful revolutionaries achieved their objectives and reaffirmed their demands during the May 5 march, which marked a new chapter of steadfastness and nonviolence on the path to the overthrow of the coup authority and the continuation of revolutionary and political action that guarantee the realization of democratic and civil transformation.

The use of violence by the coup authority and its security and military apparatus in all formations, as well as the use of live ammunition, as documented by the peaceful revolutionaries and the international media, is additional and undeniable evidence of the crimes committed by this authority and its alleged military and civil leaders. We confirm that none of these atrocities will go unpunished and that the perpetrators of the coup sovereignty council and the coup cabinet in Khartoum state, as well as the chiefs of the security and military institutions, are jointly and criminally liable for all of these events.

We send this message to Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, his deputy Mohamed Hamdan Hemedti, and members of their coup council, as well as to the leaders of armed movements and political parties participating in this coup authority and the employees of the dissolved National Congress regime: the land of Sudan, despite its vastness, will close in on you, you will be pursued and stripped of all your ranks, qualities, titles, and the money of the Sudanese people that you obtained by force.

Your desperate attempts to reach a settlement that would allow you to avoid punishment will fail, and you will be sent to the prisons of Kober, Port Sudan, and Debek, as well as the full application of each and every article of the Criminal Law of 1991 and the Criminal Procedure Law of 1991.

Media Office
May 5, 2022