Press Release | April 11 March – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

Our clashing people:

The third anniversary of the military coup junta’s treachery against the defenseless sit-ins on the eighth of Ramadan, 2019, has arrived. For the first time, the despicable, bloody, and treacherous behavior of these cowardly officers who falsely and hypocritically claimed their siding with our people’s revolution were exposed.

It was a night when we lost our noblest comrades, who with their pure blood paved a lengthy path of sacrifices in which our people devoted themselves to sacrificing martyrs, missing, wounded, and detainees.

To the martyrs in their heavens:

We also made a pledge with you – the “Covenant of Glorious December” – that the era of impunity in this country has ended once and for all, that the delusion of sinners who shed blood to avoid accountability is a form of imagination, and that achieving justice and retribution is something we see as very close and they see as far away.

The free revolutionaries:

We in the Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination will not give up a single drop of pure blood that has been spilt on this good land, and we will not rest until the necks of these killers are hung on the guillotines. Accordingly, we urge the masses of the great Sudanese people to intensify their resistance and confrontational efforts, as well as to prepare for and participate in the “April 11 March”. That history has clearly established and proved this great people’s potential to fulfil the dream with determination, work, and will; on this day, we made our first steps in shaking the throne of tyranny, and it was the fall of the war criminal and genocidal Omar al-Bashir.  However, the revolution will not be complete until we abolish all manifestations of dictatorship and military oppression in this country and achieve what we agreed on in December, so we appeal to the Sudanese revolutionaries to activate and carry out all revolutionary actions and participations until the military junta is overthrown.

Media Office
April 10, 2022