Press Release | The Third Anniversary of The 8th of Ramadan massacre – Khartoum Center Resistance Committees Coordination

Glory to the martyrs of the eighth of Ramadan massacre and to the martyrs of the glorious December revolution. A speedy recovery for the ill, injured, the safe return of the forcibly disappeared by the hands of the brutal coup authority, and complete freedom for the detainees suffering in the treacherous regime’s dungeons.

Three years have passed since the 8th of Ramadan massacre, and the martyrs of the massacre are as follows:

  1. Martyr Muhammad Ibrahim (Wad Ibrahim)
  2. Martyr Muhammad Issa Koko (Dodo)
  3. Martyr Muhammad Zain Al-Hajj Yusuf Yahya
  4. Martyr Ali Al-Taj Hassan (Ali Kiskitta)
  5. Martyr Major Ahmed Karuma Ahmed (Karoma)
  6. Martyr Badawi Abdel Baqi
  7. Martyr Hala Hashem Abdul Majeed Abdullah
  8. Martyr Qusay Abdul Ghaffar Saleh Al-Mahi
  9. Martyr soldier Ahmed Mahmoud Gadim Hammad

Salute to those comrades who have been with us at every barricade and continue to chant along with us in the face of the same murderers and criminals who violated the covenant of freedom, peace, and justice by shedding our blood; salute to the barricades line on that day that taught us a lot, and we will continue to stand behind it until we all achieve our common goal of establishing a state of Sudanese citizenship.

We at the Khartoum Center Resistance Committees Coordination confirm that we are still on the path of our martyrs, fighting to liberate the homeland from the same authority that has shed our blood in the absence of any semblance of justice for the last three years, and we affirm that April is but another beautiful memory for revolutionaries, a  revolutionary deluge that continues till triumph, with the  slogan that bears the three no’s: no negotiation, no partnership, and no legitimacy.

We must not forget that this coup is nothing but a death gasp for the coup authority, which confirmed that it is the same face of the previous government of June 30th, and that the release of the faces of the defunct party’s government are only indications that the path of change is still long, but there is no way for those who entered the hell of oblivion in the homelands revolution to remain in the same state.

We at the Khartoum Center Resistance Committees Coordination are fully aware of the scene’s sensitivity and fragility of the situation, and we have no choice but to raise the revolution’s voice above all and gather around the breakfast table of the comrades’ dream of a homeland, mothers’ prayers, and the voices of the injured, and we renew our faith in the resistance committees and its development  as well as the street’s continuous correction of it. we are working together to bring down and then build for the establishment of the state of Sudanese citizenship that we aspire to.

Media Office
April 9, 2022
Ramadan 8, 1443 H