Press Release | Announcement of the continuance of the revolutionary escalation – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

Our strong, clashing people:

Peace be upon you, proud people, glory for our honorable martyrs, speedy recovery for the injured, we pray for the safe return of the missing, absolute freedom for all revolutionaries who are arbitrarily detained and languishing in the cells of the fateful coup regime, and salute to steadfastness, valor and struggle for the pioneers of the streets, makers of the road towards salvation, Those who hold on to the embers of the cause, and who reject the course of events created by the putschists and their supporters, those are the revolutionaries, doctors, emergency lawyers, teachers, and other professionals who cling to the hand of struggle and are determined not to retreat from saying the word of truth or from achieving what we have come out for in the street; It is a state of freedom, peace, and democratic civil justice.

O great people:

We must not overlook the coup authorities’ relentless campaigns to silence everyone’s voice in a variety of possible and impossible methods (arrests, kidnappings, exemptions, and excessive repression on the scale of processions, millions, vigils, and all peaceful revolutionary means of expression). Assigning a number of administrators to various job levels in the Ministry of Education and appointing others to replace them as a result of the first’s participation in the revolutionary escalations calling for the overthrow of the dreadful 25th October coup.

O great masses of the Sudanese people:

In the belief in our and your rejection of these systematic campaigns and that brutal coup and its government, we, the Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination, announce that our revolutionary escalations will continue and our efforts will intensify in supporting and advocating all groups of the revolutionary professional society committed to the line of our revolutionary movement, marching with them to achieve the desired goals.

Media Office
March 28, 2022