Press Release | Victorious March of March 28th – Abuadam Resistance Committees

At first, we salute the bravery of the masses, the steadfastness of the revolutionaries and their daring, holding on to embers that do not burn them because they are concerned with the cause. Whoever’s cause was a homeland, he remained an igniter of its flames, full of energy and enthusiasm, equipped with his peace and defending it day and night for the sake of generations to come. And on this  opportunity, we salute and praise the barricades and their success, which were built by the hands of the motherland and the hands of its sons who were passionate about it and  were able to rebuild it as the barricades were erected, brick upon brick.

From the Decembrists, the sons of the nation, to the comrades of the martyr, the teacher of generations, Ahmed Al-Khair, we know that the coup authorities have not and will not understand your great role that you are playing under these difficult circumstances that necessitate many sacrifices for the sake of your children. It is not hidden from us that the coup authorities’ mistreatment of you while you are penning letters of enlightenment as we entrusted you, we stand with you until our demands are met and this darkness is lifted, raising our slogans in the face of falsehood and understanding the meaning of “if a nation’s morality is injured , then hold a funeral and weeping.”

We, the Abu Adam Resistance Committees, invite you to march in solidarity with, praising, and appreciating the role of the teachers and their efforts, and in gratitude for their work in making life worth living. We are proud of you, teachers of our nation, and you will not walk alone. Tomorrow, we shall go out for our fathers and mothers, the honorable teachers.

Accordingly, the processions of Al Kalakalat committees will be in compliance with the Revolution schedule of the Khartoum State under the name of the coordination and neighborhoods processions in solidarity with the teachers.

  • Abuadam revolutionaries assembly point is at Zarga Street nearby Quick Burger cafeteria at 12 p.m
  • The procession starts at 1 revolution time to meet with Al Kalakla processions at the old Al Rashid Complex (Laffat Sanga’at)

We also confirm that we will monitor, and work to document any violations, violence or crimes committed against our free people, committed by the forces of the coup authority and their supporters, as the day of victory is inevitably coming.