Press Release | February 14 March – Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination

The peaceful resistance of our people against the coup of humiliation rages on October 5th, taking its forms and tactics from the Sudanese people’s vast and long experience in uprooting and dissolving dictatorships.

On the 14th of February, we will return to march for (Freedom for the Detainees), as the brutal coup authority, as is customary for all totalitarians, led a campaign of arrests that targeted young men and women, resistance committees, and a number of societal and political entities, some of whom were  on fabricated charges of political intrigue, believing that silencing voices and depriving them of freedom, which is a fundamental right, would prevent our victorious people from continuing on their path towards overthrowing them, but no way!

The sudanese who aspire to the truth because they love it:

The millions-march for the freedom of the detainees represents the horizon of our strong solidarity with the right to freedom and the right of the Sudanese to enjoy it, and it affirms our categorical rejection of the militarization of the state and public life, as well as our belief that hours of injustice, no matter how long it last, inevitably degenerate.

Therefore, our processions in the triangular capital will head towards the parliament in Omdurman, and towards the center of the people’s power and its decision signaling our people’s right to choose, our people who has chosen to reject the putschists and move forward towards embodying the slogans of freedom, peace and justice, and to reclaim full civil authority in order to honor our glorious martyrs’ sacrifices

Procession tracks will be published later.

Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination
Field Office
February 12, 2022