Press Release | Events of May 23 March – Old Omdurman Resistance Committees Coordination

Our processions marched out, fueled with optimism, effort, and the belief that the country’s future is brighter. The processions of Old Omdurman and Greater Omdurman received revolutionaries from Bahri and other cities. Our options are the mechanisms of civil and peaceful resistance to overthrow the coup and its authority. No one will prevent us from occupying the streets, we are the rightful owners of our homeland and shall work to achieve solid and sustainable democracy.

Our steadfast people:

We salute the bravery of the mass movement and the revolutionaries in the face of the putschists’ excessive repression and security arsenal, and we commend the Sudanese people for their resolute opposition to the vile military coup. We also pray for God’s mercy to be bestowed upon the martyrs of the homeland and the glorious December revolution, who are immortal in the annals of history, and to receive God’s compassion and everlasting life in the highest paradise. We wish the injured a speedy recovery and the detained complete freedom, as it is their right and not a favor from anyone. Also our wishes for the victorious return of the forcefully disappeared, and the missing under the watch of those who sold their conscience dealers.

The use of live ammunition and arrests by the coup authority and its security and military services, as documented by the peaceful revolutionaries and the various media outlets, is further and unmistakable evidence of the crimes of this authority and its military and civilian leaders. We assure that these atrocities will not go unpunished and that all culprits will stand prosecution.

Our honorable people:

This coup authority believes that it will break our resolve and insult our dignity, and its military generals and their followers from the politicians who made peace after they walked on the bodies of the martyrs are deluded by this belief. Our determination is fueled by faith in the homeland and its cause in building a state of freedom, peace, justice, law and institutions.

Armed with our peacefulness, which has historically and will continue to terrify authoritarian governments, we shall continue our endeavor to overthrow the coup authorities. Tomorrow, we shall prevail against the coup authority in the struggle of our revolution. Our flag shall continue to fly high with the slogans of our revolution until we win total triumph and justice for the revolution’s martyrs.

Media Office
Old Omdurman Resistance Committees Coordination
May 23, 2022