Tracks of January 13 March – Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination

Our brave revolutionaries: we have followed the reactions resulting from the cancellation of the January 12 march and its postponement to the January 13 march, may whoever wants to acknowledge or deny it, it is a clear message that this street is the guardian of itself and it will continue to make huge sacrifices until the coup regime that we see coming soon is uprooted and a state of freedom, peace and justice is established.

Our struggling people, the path of struggle is still long and we will not rest or blink an eyelid. We will continue our peaceful intellectual movement until we make the dreams of our honorable martyrs come true.
Our tracks of the January 13 march towards the Republican Palace will be:

Khartoum City Assemby Points:

  1. Bashdar at 11:00 AM: Mid Khartoum Coordination, Janub Al Hizam, Al Kalaklat, South Khartoum & Part of East Khartoum Coordination.
  2. Abu Hamamah at 11:00 AM: West Khartoum then heads toward Bashdar
  3. Hijazi & Al Qurashi at 11:30 AM: East Khartoum Coordination

Omdurman City Assembly Points:

  • Destination: The Republican Palace through Al Silah Al tibbi Bridge
  1. Al Arbaeen, Al Fil, Al Mawada & Al Arda Neighborhoods assemble at: Sinada and Al Fil Street at 12:00 AM.
  2. Karari Resistance Committees Coordination assemble at three points: (Al Mahdawiyah at 11:00AM, Shaglaban & Al RoMI AT 10 AM.)
  3. Umbada processions assemble at Al Saharij and Wad Bashir 11:00 AM: to move at 01:00 P.M toward the republican palace.
  4. Old Omdurman: Al Doma station at 12:00 AM, Wad Ardo station at 12:00 AM and Makki Station at 12:20 AM. Old Omdurman processions to meet and proceed toward the tyrant’s palace to overthrow him.
  5. South Omdurman: Siraj at 12:00 AM

Bahri Neighborhoods Resistance Committees Assembly Points:

  • Destination: The Republican Palace through Koper Bridge
  1. Al Muassasa: Assembly at 01:00 Revolution Time (Al Muassasa is the meeting point of all processions).
  2. Laffat Janub: Assembly at 12:00 AM and to move at 12:30 AM.

Procession ending time is 5 P.M.

Sharg Al Nil Assembly Points:

Al Moharik Al Zahabi at 12:00 AM and head towards Sharg Al Nil Roundabout to meet with South Sharg Al Nil Processions then proceed toward the republican palace through Al Manshiyah Bridge, in case of the bridge remain open, the meeting point will be Sheroni at 12:00 AM.


  • Internal processions tracks will be defined by the Field Committees
  • Barricading is essential, with most of the main streets, substreets, east, west, and north streets to be barricaded with powerful and huge barricades to safeguard the processions.

Field Office
Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination
January 12, 2022