Statement on the events of January 30 March – Al Kalakla AlGubba Resistance Committees

“And never think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only delays them [i.e., their account] for a Day when eyes will stare [in horror].” Quran 14:42

100 days have passed since the coup of Al Burhan and the killing of 79 revolutionaries, we count them all as martyrs, God willing.

The coup forces with their various names continue to suppress the peaceful revolutionaries to break their resolve, and their steadfastness, but no way.

We are steadfast, our breath is long, our patience is limitless and the days are coming, and history continues to line the pages of the resounding fall of the killers.

If the military believes that God’s choosing of one of us to martyr with the bullets of injustice and treachery can put an end to the movement and revolution, it is leading an illusionary and heedless life. And you, Burhan, the man of evil and murder for the entire world, even if you kill the entire Sudanese people, you and your dogs will not rule us.

Our cause is on the verge of realization, and our determination is at its height, and it is impossible to extinguish its fire. We will adhere to peace, stabbing your stinking waists with it, because it is the poison that will wipe you out of existence, and our martyrs will not lose their right and And tomorrow in the reckoning, the streets will bear witness, and as it is always has, will never betray us.

Today, we lost a member of the Wad Nubawi resistance committees and Omdurman coordinations. May God’s grace and forgiveness be with him. We count him as a martyr, God willing, bringing the total number of our martyrs to 79, May God have mercy and forgiveness on them, since the barbaric coup of 25.

Media & Culture Office
January 30, 2022