Statement | No negotiation, no partnership, and no legitimacy – Karari Resistance Committees Coordination

"O murderer, this message is for you,
Every tyrant or great pharaoh that faced the revolutionaries perished
The revolutionaries will not bow, they didn’t come to negotiate or bargain, they seek retribution and the proclamation of victory,
with voices reverberating throughout the universe"

Eternal glory to all the martyrs of this land, from the period of the National Congress Party (NCP) ‘Ingaz’ regime and up until the recent coup orchestrated by al-Bashir’s Security Committee. May the wounded be granted a speedy recovery and the detained be freed.

The streets have spoken. No negotiation, no partnership, and no legitimacy. Ambiguous positions do not represent us, as our stance is clearer than sunlight at dawn. Our hands were the ones that blinded the eye of darkness with light. We are the descendants of the streets from which we arise and return. To the streets we vowed, through blood and sweat, whether as martyrs or wounded, missing or politically detained. We will never march for personal gains or political desire, our sole aim is Sudan.

The invitation extended to us by Dr. Abdalla Hamdok, Prime Minister and partner of the putschists, which included the majority of Karari Resistance Committees, is entirely rejected in its structure and content based on the unified decision of the resistance committees. As previously stated, the military coup on October 25th was one against the revolution, and the coup perpetrators should be prosecuted for their crimes; they do not belong in negotiation rooms. We will not participate in legitimizing the coup. Instead, we will work with our partners in the Resistance Committees and all revolutionary powers to reclaim our revolution.

“There is no going back; whomever tries will fall and be remembered in disgrace”

Karari Resistance Committees Coordination
Media Office
November 27, 2021