Statement | December 30 Massacre – Bahri Neighbourhoods Resistance Committees

Eternal glory and immortality be upon the martyrs of the Glorious December Revolution, since the first martyr killed by the bullets of Al Ingaz regime (former regime) until the last martyr killed by the bullets of Al-Burhan. May the wounded be granted a speedy recovery, and may the missing people be granted a safe return soon.

Yesterday, the country lived a very difficult day in which Khartoum was filled with the smell of blood, oppression, and the army forces’ repression of its own people. The repression included all the processions of the different states that came out rejecting the coup. They were faced with excessive violence in the same manner of the November 17 massacre in Bahri, AlMo’assasah. With premeditation and planning, the coup forces created another massacre in Omdurman in which they fired live ammunition targeted directly at the bare chests of the peaceful protesters. The coup forces acts on December 30th contributed new additions to their dark record, as they created another massacre by firing ammunition at the young protesters, attacked hospitals and the media, chased down the wounded, and attacked the funerals of the brave martyrs they killed. What happened yesterday will happen in Khartoum and all around Sudan in turn, and we will see the same scenes of shoot-to-kill in all states if the military coup is not resisted as soon as possible.

O’ honorable revolutionaries.. The streets are still receiving stabs which are clearly distinguishing the lines. As we supported some of The joint forces’ demands and welcomed their leaders with open arms in alignment with our stance “peace is beautiful”; we were surprised by the participation of these same forces in the repression we faced. However, all of that will will be corrected, as the revolution is continuing and will not stop.

Therefore, the resistance committees will continue to defeat the coup by all political means, including the announcement of The Political and Field Charter and the next steps for escalation. There’s no other choice but confrontation to end the greed of those who use the people’s forces to rule.

Bahri Neighbourhoods Resistance Committees
Media Centre
December 31, 2021