Press Release|”Survey” by Al Jareeda newspaper – Resistance & Change Committees of Dar Assalam, Ombadda

Rage on for that God has not created nations to bend over
Rage on for that earth bows down to those filled with fury
Rage on so the ground becomes a volcano
And your bloodied voice becomes an anthem to the weary ones

A recent report under the title “Survey” by Al Jareeda newspaper has been going viral on social media wherein they claimed that resistance committees welcome the reinstatement of Hamdok as a PM.

In this lousy report, a speaker claimed that he is a member of coordination called “Coordination of Dar Assalam” which does not exist in reality. This particular newspaper, as well as this impostor, have overlooked the fact that the resistance committees speak through the heart of the streets, not through newspapers and false claims.

The central office of Dar Assalam, Ombadda’s Resistance & Change Committees is a grand body that represents all residential blocks of Dar Assalam, which has its own platform on Facebook and its networking connections with Resistance Committees of Greater Omdurman and the Coordination Office of Khartoum State’s Resistance Committees.

Hence, we send the following messages:

1) To fellow resistance committees and their coordination offices: Be aware of this scheme by the coup orchestrators as they attempt to create parallel bodies to the existing resistance committees and their coordinating offices. You must deal with such matters firmly and decisively.

2) To the coup council: These methods are tried and tested and will not work on resistance committees for that our bond is stronger than your exposed games. We shall answer you through the streets which have not and will not betray.

3) To Al Jareeda newspaper: We demand your immediate apology for this mistake. You should be aware that coordination & central offices of resistance committees have their own platforms if you were to perform your duties professionally.

Resistance & Change Committees of Dar Assalam, Ombadda – Central Office
November 23, 2021