Press Release|February 10th Processions – Abuadam Resistance Committees

️ Glory to the honorable martyrs, and the martyr of the northern barricade and the homeland, Atif, speedy recovery to the injured and freedom for detainees from the peaceful movement forces.

Our free and steadfast people:

Through processions in various cities and states of Sudan and the barricading of Shiryan Shimal highway, our people wrote another epic of their valiant steadfastness in the face of the brutal coup of October 25, and an affirmation that our people have a lot of experience with peaceful resistance action, and that they will not retreat without achieving their goals in freedom, peace, and justice.

After a day filled with bravery, the daughters and sons of our beloved and proud country in the processions of February 10th in the capital, cities, and countryside, the coup regime continues to reveal the faces of the anti-revolutionary forces and the goals of their coup, and its agents and supporters cling to power in order to impose individual rule on the people and the armed forces in the name of the army, to protect narrow interests, and to confront The aspirations of the people.

We affirm our rejection of the violations against peaceful demonstrators in the various states of Sudan as they exercise their right to peacefully express their rejection of the killing and abuse perpetrated by the coup authority.

To the revolutionaries:

The coup forces began where their corrupt former regime left off, confronting the right to peaceful expression with repression, abuse, live bullets, and tear gas, which the masses of the people met with fortitude and bravery, affirming the resilience of the revolutionary will and the enormous energy inherent in the conscience of the heroic people’s daughters and sons. It is the “era of heroism,” in which revolutionaries with bare chests defeated the oppression machine that’s full of fear and dominance. The repression machine continues to assault medical workers, violate the sanctity of hospitals and attack the northern barricade as means of intimidation. This criminal behavior against human rights and the country’s resources will not be barred by the statute of limitations, and the sacrifices will not be in vain.

We therefore call on all forces of revolution and change to quickly unite in a wide front to defeat the coup, emphasizing the continuation of resistance and the diversity of its tactics and forms until the demands of the mass movement are fulfilled and nothing can defeat the will of the people.

Media and Communications Office
February 10, 2022