Press Release | Establishment of the People’s Authority Charter – Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination

“The charter for the establishment of the people’s authority that the Khartoum state committees have been drafting comes as a lifeline and a new beginning for the restoration of democracy at one of the most critical moments of the critical transformation on the path of the continuous revolutionary movement that our people are waging against the military coups that paralyzed the movement of the Sudanese state throughout its modern history.”

The Khartoum State Committees Coordination Committee announces to you the inauguration of the “Proposal of the Charter for the Establishment of the People’s Authority” on Sunday, February 27, 2022. This announcement comes after extensive consultation and discussion processes between all the coordinations and their grassroots at the state level as well as completion of its technical review linguistically and legally, bypassing all of the obstacles that we faced, and we note that the delay that accompanied the announcement was for more improvement and revision to bring the charter out into the public in the best way possible for everyone to join it.

We further acknowledge and thank all of the committees that contributed to the formation of this charter, as well as our noble citizens for their patience and support.

February 25, 2022