Press Release | Zionist Attacks on The Palestinian People – Karari Resistance Committees Coordination

From Karari, solidarity with Gaza

The occupation forces have committed new crimes against the Palestinian people in recent days and continue to do so to this day, adding to their long list of crimes, as 41 Palestinians were killed during the assault on the besieged Gaza Strip, bringing the total number of Palestinians killed this year to 123, with dozens wounded and injured at the hands of the Zionist entity.

The proud masses of our people:

We are well aware that the Israeli occupation’s persistence in imposing a fait accompli policy – by force – was a direct result of Arab normalization and external support, which encouraged it to do so.

Although we are experiencing a political crisis and a historical turning moment, we will not stay indifferent to the plight of our Palestinian brothers and sisters and those under siege, between the sound of gunfire and death from starvation.

Therefore, in the Karari Resistance Committees Coordination:

  • We are very proud of the unwavering bravery of the Gaza Strip’s popular resistance and the bnger brigades in the face of the Zionist occupation army and its tyrannical forces.
  • Our strength, the strength of our movement, our steadfastness, on the path to our victory are inspired by those who served as the compass for revolutions in all parts of the world. We call on the comrades to persevere as the Palestinian people, as they continue their path toward salvation under  bombardment of missiles and gunshots
  • We call on all governments of the world to immediately extend moral and material support to the besieged sector and the Palestinian people, so that the electricity supply is not cut off and daily life services, such as hospitals and health institutions, are not interrupted, as the Ministry of Health has stated that it may cease operations in 72 hours due to a lack of electricity.


  • We, Karari Resistance Committees Coordination condemn and denounce Zionist attacks on the defenseless Palestinian people, and we endorse the international community and the whole world intervension to stop this aggression, hold those responsible accountable, and boycott them.

Media Office
August 8, 2022