Press Release | Women’s March – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

Honorable and brave revolutionaries:

Glory to our righteous martyrs, speedy recovery to the wounded, and injured, freedom to the arbitrarily detained revolutionaries in the coup authority cells, salute to the revolutionaries stationed at the barricades, and holding on to the embers of the cause, peace be with you O you hardworking at work & at home.

The steadfast masses of the people, the December revolution came on the shoulders of the kandakat (Nubian Queens) whose chants filled the streets with noise, and it was their pioneering role that propelled the revolution forward. Today we remember the martyr Sett al-Nafour, and her sisters who preceded her and who sacrificed their pure blood for the revolution.

We salute the Sudanese women in all corners of the country, farmers, workers, teachers and housewives, as they go through daily struggle for food and clothing. They face challenges and difficulties as they dream of a decent and secure life.

We call on the people of Sudan to come out in solidarity with Sudanese women and their rightful causes on March 8th, “Women’s March,” emphasizing the slogan “ايدين بنّيات الفريق قادرات..…”(The homeland’s girls are competent) and supporting them as they “take the lead and chant for the homeland.”

Media Office
March 7, 2022