Press Release | Violations of Police Department Heads against The revolutionaries – South Khartoum & Al Kalakla Resistance Committees Coordination

A salute to the steadfastness and valor of the detainees, who are now behind bars. The executioner is tightening his hold on them, taking away their freedom, which is a right, not a privilege, believing that he would silence the revolutionaries’ songs of peace and justice.

The violations that detainees are facing now go beyond all prevailing and recognized norms and laws. They are now living in harsh circumstances due to the fabrication of accusations, torture, enforced disappearance, and delays in the resolution of their cases.

And according to the movements of Al-Kalaklat emergency lawyers, the revolutionaries in the Al-Kalaklat region in particular are subjected to violations by the police department heads, with direct instructions and directives from the Cheif Officer, the head of the security committee in the locality. These violations come in several forms and circumvent the law as follows:

  • The round heel policy (transferring the detainees to different police stations following their release.)
  • Intimidation and torture of revolutionaries inside the departments
  • Not releasing the revolutionaries after ratification of the bail by the Public Prosecution
  • Arresting children and minors and imprisoning them with prisoners of major crimes and repeat offenders
  • Violation of international laws and children’s law

Accordingly, we in South Khartoum & Al-Kalakla Resistance Committees Coordination condemn all forms of violence and unprofessional and immoral practices perpetrated by the coup authorities and its agents against all honorable revolutionaries and we will stand as an impenetrable dam against these violations and we will oppose and resist them with all our tried and innovative peaceful means.

Media Office
June 18, 2022