Press Release | Vigil Denouncing The Violations of The Security Forces – South Khartoum & Al Kalakla Resistance Committees Coordination

Glory to the martyrs
Speedy recovery to the wounded
Safe return to the missing and the forcibly disappeared

The forces of the coup d’état continued to exercise their authority and aim their arrows of tyranny day after day at the sons and daughters of the Sudanese people, believing that more oppression will silence the revolutionaries’ voices and dissuade them from resisting, ignorant of the fact that for every action there is a reaction. Therefore, more oppression generates greater resistance, tightens the screws on them ,and makes them become historical references like their predecessors.

Our resistant and steadfast people until the overthrow of the putschists:

The coup forces lack an ethical and moral compass upon which to base their actions, and their actions demonstrate this in a way that cannot be disputed or rejected, even by their supporters and loyalists, and the violations committed by these forces cannot be justified or rationalized by any laws or norms. Accordingly, these forces have perpetrated grave violations and crimes, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • All processions are faced with excessive and unjustified violence.
  • Confiscation of liberties through enforced disappearance, illegal arrests and fabrication of charges against detainees. Some individuals were arrested and later charged in clear violations of the law, as the false accusation is the basis and justification for the arrest and the enactment of “decisions” as we reserve the right to call them laws as there is no legal basis for it, such as the “rotating heel”.
  • Physical assaults and torture inside the detention centers.
  • The use of internationally prohibited weapons, such as shotguns.
  • Intimidating citizens by manifestations of the state’s militarization and a massive, unjustifiable presence on the streets.

Accordingly, the aforementioned examples are only a few of many, so we in South Khartoum & Al Kalakla Resistance Committees affirm our principled, moral, and patriotic position, as well as our pledge with the martyrs, that we will oppose this coup and resist it by all peaceful means, that this revolution will reach its goals, and that the coup authority, no how matter how much they tempted themselves, will end up in to the dustbins of history.

Thus, we announce our vigil today, denouncing the violations of the security forces, and we call on all revolutionaries and citizens to attend and express their rejection of these violations.

Venue: Al Mashtal Street.
Time: Sunday, July 24th at 4:00 O’clock.

Media Office
July 24, 2022