Press Release | Tracks of January 27 March -East Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination

To the Sudanese People:

We are still standing by our comrades, resolute in our commitments made to our martyrs and comrades, and we will not abandon our cause or the blood of our martyrs, nor will we give up the right of the sovereignty of the Sudanese state, not even an inch.

Tomorrow, the crowds of revolutionaries will return to the streets to overthrow the bloody coup regime.

Date: Tomorrow, January 27th.
Assembly Time at 12 P.M. and Procession start at 1 P.M.
The processions (Al Mamoura + Soba + Al Mujahideen) start inside the neighborhoods and meet in Juba Roundabout, then proceed to the house of the martyr / Muhammad Sheikh Idris in Arkaweet and then head to Al Siteen Street to receive Arkaweet procession at the intersection of Al-Firdus and then visit the house of the martyr / Al-Hajj Malik in Al-Jiraif and then head to meet the procession of Taif, Al-Jarif and Riyadh in Al Shargi intersection and from there, proceed towards the house of the martyr / Muhammad Amer in Al-Jiraif Al Gala’a, and all the processions to go to Al Siteen Street to visit the house of the martyr / Thabit in Burri Nasser.

The people are stronger and retreat is impossible.

East Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination
January 26, 2022