Press Release | Tracks of February 14 March – Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination

Greetings of love and struggle to the great Sudanese people, mercy and forgiveness for the dear martyrs of the homeland, speedy recovery for the wounded and injured, full solidarity with those with permanent, temporary, and partial disabilities in sacrifice for the country, safe return of the missing, and freedom for the revolutionary detainees.

Here are bouquets of roses and greetings of love lined with our supplications and recitations of God’s words as a dedication to the souls of our martyrs and our righteous brethren, may it bring peace to the hearts of fathers, mothers, brothers and friends of the martyrs.

Messages of gratitude we broadcast through our peaceful movement, extending thanks and gratitude to our medical workers, emergency lawyers, anonymous soldiers, and honorable people of the homeland, for supporting us in paving the revolution’s path towards construction and reconstruction on a solid foundation of solidarity and unique national cohesion.

On Monday the fourteenth of February, we, the masses of the Sudanese people, will go out for the love of the homeland on the day of love, offering everything that is precious in order to build a homeland that resembles our dreams, a homeland for which thousands of lives have been sacrificed and the rest are still fighting for young children who deserve a better homeland than it is, the Sudan that we cherish (freedom, peace, justice, democracy and complete civil government), for which our bodies toiledt, tears dried up in the eyes, and hearts burst forth in sorrow.

The Millions March on February 14th will not be the end of our journey, nor will it be the first manifestation of our love for the country, but it will be a peaceful revolutionary epic in which the highest meanings of love, friendliness, valor, steadfastness, and anger will be demonstrated until this fateful coup is overthrown and the perpetrators and those who support it are held accountable.

Accordingly, the assembly points of the cities and neighborhoods of Khartoum will be as follows:

Khartoum City Assembly Points:-

  • Al Rusi Station (formerly Siraj) at 12 P.M.
  • Martyr Abdul Azim Street (formerly Al Arbaeen) at 12 P.M.

Bahri City Assembly Points:-

  • Laffat Janub at 11 A.M.
  • Al Muassasa at 12 P.M.

El Haj Yousif City Assembly Points:-

  • Al Muassasa at 11 A.M.

Sharg Al Nil City Assembly Points:-

  • Al Muassasa at 11 A.M.

Omdurman City Assembly Points:-

  • Umbada Neighborhoods: at the Martyr Abdul Azim House, Wad Al Bashir Bridge. processions to head east towards Al Arda => Southwest of Othman Bin Affan School => East towards the Martyr Abdul Azim street. – Time : 10 A.M.

Karari Neighborhoods Assembly Points:-

  • Al Mahdawi: processions will head towards Al Shuhada, then half an hour later through Al Mawradah Street => The Parliament. Time : 11 A.M.

South Omdurman Neighborhoods Assembly Points:-

  • Al Rusi Station: Processions will head west through Al Bortogala => North => East till Fal Al Qamar in Banet west =>East towards the martyr Abdul Azim Street. Time : 11:30 A.M.

Al Arbaeen & Al Fil Neighborhoods Assembly Points:-

  • The martyr Abdul Azim Street: Processions of Banet, Al Dobbat Neighborhood and Abu Kadok to meet at Al Abbasiyah => west to Al Tijani Al Mahi Square to meet with Umbada neighborhoods, Dar Al Salam & Old Umbada processions. Time: 12 P.M.

Old Omdurman Neighborhoods Assembly Points:-

  • Makki Bus Stop: processions will go through Omdurman market => meeting Karari Processions at Khor Abu Anja=> head south to the martyr Abdul Azim Street. Time: 12 P.M.

General Instructions for the revolutionaries:-

  1. To prevent arrests and surveillance, at return to Khartoum, make sure to walk in groups rather than individually.
  2. we emphasize the necessity of barricading, in addition to the main barricades at high risk areas, according to the directions of the Omdurman field committees.
  3. Monitoring and photographing intruders and informing the field committee.
  4. Not to clash with the regular forces, and in the event of live bullets usage, retreat immedietly directly from the area.
  5. The procession  to follow the banners and return through the same tracks at 5 P.M.
  6. Peacefulness is our main motto.

long live the homeland.

Field Office
February 13, 2022