Press Release | The Thirtieth of June March – Port Sudan Resistance Committees

The great sacrifices made by our people since the thirtieth of June 1989 in order to overthrow the dictatorship of the Islamic Front regime cost us hundreds of thousands of martyrs, and the march of our people in the glorious December revolution was nothing but a victory for the will of the Sudanese of all their affiliations, ethnicities and beliefs in order to overthrow the bloody tyrannical regime, restore the hijacked state, reinforce the ideals of the revolution and form a national project that establishes a different reality.

The upcoming Thursday marks the anniversary of the thirtieth of June, which is a significant memory on par with the 19th of December, the 6th, and the 11th of April. It defined the shape of the future governance that the power is in the hands of the people and on this day, the people changed the course of their revolution after opportunists sought to undermine it. Here you are again expressing your demands in clear handwriting on the face of sky since the morning of the coup, and your processions throughout the seven months confirm that the spirit of revolution in you is alive and remaining and that history must be written as you dictate. Your convoys therefore reinforced the lesson that this people will not accept or be silenced by oppression, and that, having realized its ability and proven its strength as a genie freed from its bottle, with its head high and its feet firmly on the ground, will not rest until Al-Bashir’s security committee regime is overthrown completely and assume power immedietly without restrictions or conditions.

We further assure you that the moves orchestrated by former regime affiliates to attack the processions are monitored, nd they undoubtedly do not frighten the revolutionaries, nor cause us to retreat to escape from what they set out to achieve. And that their efforts to stop the revolutionary tide with the same tried-and-failed methods by severing the means of communication between the revolutionaries will fail, as they’re forgetting the brilliance of our people that accomplished the thirtieth of June 2019march despite the internet shutdown, and our people today will not run out of ways to communicate and coordinate.

The patient, steadfast, and inevitably victorious people of the Red Sea. The resistance committees of Port Sudan invite you to come out and participate in the June 30 march for the sake of Sudan’s freedom, peace and justice, for the fall of the putschists and their supporters… No negotiation, no partnership with and no legitimacy for whom the will of the masses placed in the dustbin of history.

Media Office
June 28, 2022