Press Release | The Revolutionary Charter for The Establishment of People’s Power – Mayerno Resistance Committees

We participate and follow with interest the great steps made by the Unified Charter Committee of the Resistance Committees that signed the Revolutionary Charter for People’s Power and the Resistance Committees that signed the Charter for the Establishment of People’s Power.

We view these steps and their outcomes as necessary responsibilities for establishing the political and programmatic unity that will allow us to build the country of our dreams.

Therefore, we affirm our approval of the integration steps and what we have achieved so far.

We are also closely following all attempts by the settlement forces from the military and the parties to stop this radical unity on the basis of false justifications, claiming its elitism, despite the clear press statement that this process aims to find common ground between the two charters and address the differences in order to reach a single proposed version that enables the Sudanese people to discuss and approve it. The principles of the great December revolution and these principles are considered the criterion for accepting or rejecting the charter.

We appeal to all the resistance committees in Sudan to express their opinion on the provisions of the charter and discuss it in every neighborhood, group, village and city, and publish their comments under the below hashtag.

We whisper in the ears of our comrades in the Khartoum Resistance Committees who have reservations that we are equal in rights, duties and sacrifices, and our dream is one, as is our blood. Let us unite.

And we say in a clear voice to all the revolutionaries within the Sudanese parties and institutions that this country is for all of us, and that the elites’ interests do not distract us from defending our own.


Mayerno Resistance Committees
June 27, 2022