Press Release | The Ground Shaking Processions of March 14th – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

At first, we pray for God’s mercy be upon the honorable martyrs of the homeland in all its regions, and mercy and forgiveness for the martyrs of the Sudanese revolution, who dreamed of a homeland where the ideals of freedom, justice, peace, and the right to a decent living are exalted. A homeland that does not rob its children of their lives, a speedy recovery for and injured, and freedom for those detained from the forces of peaceful movement, and the shame and disgrace to the putschist junta.

Our able people:

Terror has descended upon the brutal coup authority and its pillars have been shaken since the call to march in resistance in the millions march of March 14th in the capital and the provinces. The coup leaders dispatched columns of forces equipped with various sorts of weaponry onto the streets, and these treacherous, brutal forces are still arresting more revolutionaries and they closed the main bridges connecting the capital’s three cities, hoping that these measures would save them from the wrath of our proud and rebellious people, but it was only a few hours before their brutal forces dragged the tails of disappointment and crushing defeat, under the weight of peacefully roaring processions that ravaged all their security measures and and they tasted the acrid taste of brokenness. The water in the mouths of the putschits, opportunists, and remnants of the former regime has dried up, and despair resides in their souls concerning the longevity of their disastrous rule, which it is clearly deteriorating. Our people have mastered the resistance and experienced its difficult ways, equipped with their captivating peacefulness and their steely will, which oppression gives luster and steadfastness. Nothing, no matter how desperately they cling to power, can save them from the inevitable downfall. Our people are stronger and retreat is impossible.

Our rebellious people:

The coup forces descended, as is customary, into grave violations and repression, including the use of live bullets, tear gas canisters, stun grenades, sticks, and batons, resulting in numerous injuries and cases of suffocation, and they also violated the sanctity of hospitals by storming them and preventing the injured from reaching it, and tear gas was fired inside its departments to prevent the wounded from being treated, as happened at Khartoum Hospital and other hospitals.

And there is no room for doubt that the putschits lacks ethics and commitment to international and local laws and human rights, and these are crimes have been added to its glutted record, and there is no way for it to be dismissed by statute of limitations.


We send our prayers for the recovery of all those injured, and we salute the courage and astonishing steadfastness of all the free revolutionaries, and we applaud their unwavering commitment to the declared goals, and we call on the coup leaders to comply with our people’s desire and hand over power to civilians immediately, before they are uprooted by the roaring torrent of peaceful masses. There is no will that can overpower the will of the people, who have the power and the final say, and the revolution will continue until its goals are met.

Media Office
March 14, 2022