Press Release | The Glorious April 6 – Port Sudan Resistance Committees

The masses of our rebellious people:

We salute you with pride and honor as you crown April with your presence and steadfastness in the face of the machine of oppression, coup, and failure in all parts of Sudan, exposing the military coup regime’s moral and authority flaws while emphasizing the strength of the people’s revolution and determination to overthrow this regime.

Civil masses:

The illegitimate government continues to deploy dirty tactics against defenseless revolutionaries during Ramadan, preventing them from breaking their fast, and employing the harshest forms of repression against them, such as shooting tear gas canisters and stun grenades straight at the bodies of the revolutionaries, the arrest campaign still continuing, and fabricated charges are being prepared for these detainees, in an episode that is the outcome of the authority’s morale decline and its distance from the law.

A gang of Coup soldiers attempted to assault two revolutionary women, tearing their clothing in an attempt to break the kandakas’ resolve, but tthey will not succeed. Such strategy will not work in breaking the thorns of the kandakas. The soldiers assauled the elderly at the Port Sudan accident hospital, and attacked civilians in the central market.

And let the coup authorities and the Sudanese people know that the sixth of April is not the end of our journey, but rather a day in the history of the Sudanese revolution added to the cumulative act until the final blow that we see is near and not far away, and that we will not stop the continuation of the escalation and and the schedules of the glorious April until the military general ruler’s regime falls.

Media Office
Wednesday, April6, 2022