Press Release | The current situation in the Blue Nile State – Al Roseires Resistance Committees

The masses of the struggling Sudanese people: We in Al Roseires resistance committees have been closely following what the regional and central governments are doing in response to recent events, they are abandoning many of their responsibilities towards citizens as they are supposed to serve citizens, not domineering over them.

The city of Roseires suffers in every way from a lack of emergency medications, medical personnel, and food supply, as well as a total absence of hospital security, which has caused many medical personnel to withdraw from the hospital out of fear for their lives resulting suffering of the citizens, despite the knowledge of all concerned authorities about this shortcoming.

In addition, the burning of the electrical transformer and the Blue Nile state-wide power outage since two days ago impacting other utilities, such as drinking water supply, mills, and service facilities, which made life in the state of Blue Nile unbearable for its residents.

In the meanwhile, we notice the appearance of those in suits and the traders in crisis to receive humanitarian relief convoys and behave as they please, given their absence during the days of the recent events, proves that they are targeting the rights of the afflicted people, but we are on the lookout for them

The situation that the Blue Nile is going through now is like a war on the citizen despite the interventions to maintain security. there are many evidences that reveal that there is a plan in motion, and the arrest of activists in the state of Blue Nile will not obscure the truth. The world has become a small village, so the truth will come out sooner or later.

Despite the three-day power outage and attempts to entirely isolate the Blue Nile state in all aspects, we assure them that everyone will be informed of whatever they do.  There is proof in the history books, and we will never bend to their blows.

Al Roseires resistance committees
July 23, 2022