Press Release| The Coordinations Procession – Al Kalaklat & South Khartoum Resistance Committees

Firstly, in the name of the revolutionaries, we pray for God’s mercy to be bestowed upon the martyrs who rose to glory on this day in the highest heavens, the day our people rose against injustice and aggression, we pray for the speedy recovery of the injured, and for the freedom of the detainees

The factions of the raging mass movement resisting the coup authorities are preparing to march tomorrow, April 14th in the victorious coordinations procession, in continuation of the escalating peaceful revolutionary tides that have been rising since the brutal coup on October 25th. And, as is the tradition of honorable revolutionaries in all revolutionary activities, they will rule the collar of popular isolation, rejecting the de-facto dictatorship and the coup d’état’s crimes, as well as the opportunists and systematic remnants of the former regime against our defenseless people. They will continue to plant the seeds of resolution and determination, nurturing them with absolute confidence in the glorious victory, in order to grow a fruitful reality of liberty, peace, and justice that satisfies ambitions and live up the to great sacrifices and wonderful patience.

The processions of April 14, 2022, will assemble in Al-Kalaklat, Sanga’at at Al-Sahm Square after the Iftar at 7:30 pm, and all processions will start moving at 8 pm towards Laffat Abu Adam and end with a public address.

kindly adhere to the directives of the field committees

The Joint Media Office
April 14, 2022