Press Release |The arrest of a number of revolutionaries on their way from the northern state to Khartoum state – Burri Resistance Committees Coordination

The proud masses of the Sudanese people, since the coup d’état, the state’s security services have worked hard to suppress the movement and extinguish the spark of resistance that became more flared following the fateful coup.

We are fully aware of the reasons for restoring the aresst powers to the former regime’s security intelligence after the intensification of the resistance and the feeling of Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan the danger of the continuance of this movement, which is the release of the hands of another repressive machine to participate in extinguishing the flame of the revolution, but no way, the Sudanese people are not like other peoples who are broken in the face of oppression.

A number of revolutionaries were detained today on their way from the northern state to Khartoum state and returned to Dongola as part of the NCP regime’s efforts to stifle critics in order to prolong its rule. They are as follows:

  • Musab Al Sharif
  • Adam Dafallah Adam
  • Mutaz
  • Fakher Al Din
  • Mohamed El Sayed

We hold all security services responsible for their safety and safe return, and we demand their immediate and unconditional release. Freedom is an inherent right of all human beings, not a privilege bestowed in exchange for thing or used for extortion and bargaining.

All of these methods will neither postpone or extend the coup’s downfall, which began on the first day with Sudanese people taking it to the streets in protest at the return of authoritarian military government.

We will continue our quest to bring down the coup by all available peaceful means, and we will not rest till this country is saved and the tyrannical military regimes stay away from it once and for all.

Freedom for all the detainees

Burri Resistance Committees Coordination
January 31, 2022