Press Release | The Agreement between the leader of the Junta Coup and the President of the United Arab Emirates – The Revolutionary Charter for People’s Power

It is important that we protect every inch of our land with precision and care from every enemy, whether regional, international, or local mercenary.

We have followed the movements of the putschists regarding selling Sudan’s resources and compromising its economic independence in order to appease their regional and international masters, and to ensure their continuation in power.

This included monitoring the roles that the United Arab Emirates
has played in supporting and financing the Janjaweed militias, igniting recurring tribal conflicts in eastern Sudan, and continuing pressure to weaken the social fabric and the unity of sea port workers, who have remained steadfast in their initial rejection of repeated attempts to sell Sudanese ports and also adhered to their refusal to pass evil plans in the name of investment sometimes or to expropriate land under the pretext of establishing a military base for the Janjaweed militias.

The latest of these attempts was covered in the media by the “Reuters News Agency”, which revealed the conclusion of a contract of an agreement between the leader of the junta coup and the President of the United Arab Emirates, according to which the UAE has a concession in an area of coastal land, with the aim of constructing a port for the Emirates, and an industrial zone, in addition to an agricultural project in the area (Abu Hamad) in the Nile River State, and all of this leads to harvesting products that feed the Emirati markets, not the Sudanese, and the Sudanese people will not have any significant gain.

It is not surprising for us that the one who facilitates the completion of this project / deal is the son of an old capitalist who accumulated his wealth by entering into a (mediation) process that led to the sale of dear lands and parts that included the history and civilizations of Sudan to the Egyptian government, who flooded those lands in favor of establishing a reservoir (Aswan High Dam) that gave the Sudanese people nothing but painful memories.

Also, it is natural for this agreement to take place under the auspices of the coup finance minister, who started his public life as a member of the (Islamic Front) and then was the first to take steps to sell Port Sudan after practically drying it up.

The honorable masses of the Sudanese people:

Allowing the privatization of Sudan’s ports or the establishment of parallel ports, owned by foreign companies or countries, not only means the gradual loss of Sudan’s sovereignty, but also leads directly to turning the Sudanese state-owned ports of Port Sudan and Suakin into deserted ruins that deprive the Sudanese people of the revenues from their operation.

In addition to other more harmful goals, including Sudan’s loss of control over the determination and management of the imports and exports movement, and its transformation into an open gate by multinational companies, and all those who are active in looting wealth and resources.

Therefore, on the basis of the basic principles stated in the (Revolutionary Charter for the People’s Power) and based on the will of our rebellious people, we declare the following:

  • Not recognizing any local or international agreements made by the current coup government, as well as all of the ramifications and phases of the coup regime that has continued since “1989” until its overthrow by the will of our people.

As a result, we warn everyone (countries, international and local institutions, commercial organizations, companies, and others) against becoming parties to such deals, which will fall with the fall of the coup council that seized power by force, because the Sudanese people will soon reclaim power.

The revolutionaries of our struggling people:

The radical change stipulated in the (Revolutionary Charter for the People’s Power) is based first on ensuring the economic and political independence of Sudan, and stopping and preventing the looting of the resources of our people. To achieve this, we call on all resistance committees and revolutionary bodies to reject these corrupt deals and adhere to their rejection, as a principled position.

Long live Sudan, free and independent of economic and political dependence.

June 21, 2022