Press Release | Schedule of anti-coup revolutionary activities – Coordinating Body of Greater Omdurman Resistance Committees

The Coordination of Greater Omdurman Resistance Committees met today, Friday, November 19th, to discuss the current situation and the ongoing revolutionary work that is taking place all throughout Greater Omdurman city. The meeting concluded on setting a schedule of anti-coup revolutionary activities:

Sunday, the 21st: ‘Millions March’ themed as the people’s earthquake. Starting point at Jackson bus stop and the destination will be determined later.

Monday, the 22nd: Surprise (an open revolutionary day with activities according to what the committees and coordinations see fit)

Tuesday, the 23rd: Announcing the complete boycott of telecommunications companies, individuals and countries that are in support of the military coup.

Wednesday, the 24th: Exposing the human rights violations committed by the security forces. Promotional processions for Thursday’s ‘Millions March’.

Thursday, the 25th: ‘Millions March’ to honor the martyrs.

We are presently on a path that is aligned with the interests of our people, opposed to those of al-Burhan and his loyalists, with the will of establishing complete civilian rule. Regardless of the cost, we have chosen resistance. Before us are the martyrs of today, yesterday and millions others. Even our wounded and injured are fully prepared to continue disrupting the coup authority along with their military forces and unjust laws. It is either we all perish or we bring forward the heads of the coup orchestrators to the gallows and impose absolute civilian rule.

Coordinating Body of Greater Omdurman Resistance Committees
November 19th, 2021