Press Release | #SaveSeifAlislam – East Khartoum Neighborhoods Resistance Committees Coordination

Salute of Struggle and Steadfastness

We have all witnessed the deterioration of the health condition of the revolutionary Seif al-Islam, son of Al Sahafa, who has been incarcerated in the cells of the putschists in Omdurman for over two months and due to the continuous torture, most of his senses were impaired, and he suffered frequent convulsions, fainting and inability to stand up. As usual, the regular authorities are colluding and refusing to release him or bring him to trial despite his deteriorating health.

We and our brothers and sisters in detention are well aware of the atrocities committed by the putschists to intimidate and abuse the revolutionaries, it did not succeed with their predecessors, and will not succeed now. And our heroes continue to write a new epic every day in the face of the aggressor, the coup regime and its corrupt justice departments, and we reiterate; no retreat or surrender.

We command them to immediately release all detainees and dismiss all malicious reports. Whether they do or not, there is no doubt that the storm will soon hit their cells, destroy their fortresses, and liberate our steadfast, free comrades.

East Khartoum Neighborhoods Resistance Committees Coordination
Media Office
July 14, 2022