Press Release| Rise Up – Al Mamora Resistance Committees

Our brave people:

Rise up!

Your youth achieved glory.
And they sacrificed their best for the sake of the homeland.
They left so that future generations could live a life worthy of mankind.

And whenever we lose one of us, the tragedies and sorrows of this country come back to our memory, memories of massacres, violation of sanctities, oppression, terrorism, the suffering of children and women, hunger, homelessness and loss, returns to us, and the worries of the road that must be completed, there is no other way or a way back.

Our proud people:

The events’ echoes indicate that the northern barricade have achieved the Sudanese goal of stopping the Egyptian authorities’ looting of their rights and wealth through the crossings on a daily basis. The Sudanese used to witness their country’s wealthbeing robbed before them while they stood helpless. now that they can now protect their rights, the Egyptian public has grown concerned, and their media machines have begun to dramatize and misinform on the events.

So we have to clarify:

Yesterday, we’ve lost a revolutionary, “Atif Abdel-Faraj”, in the northern barricade, but this time the killer was an Egyptian, not a Sudanese. the accident occurred in the “Sortod” barricade, the killer was driving a truck coming from the “Al-Jabriya” barricade after it was dismantled by the coup forces. The martyr Atef died after being run over by an Egyptian truck on February 10. According to the statement of the northern state resistance committees, the killer was of Egyptian nationality, and the revolutionaries were able to arrest him and hand him over to the police.

The martyr gave his life defending our rights. It has become clear to all Sudanese that Sudan’s resources are smuggled daily through our borders with Egypt and other borders with other countries, and this is one of the causes of Sudan’s severe economic crisis. Therefore, we must all stand in solidarity with the northern barricades, who have today become the guardian who protects Sudan’s wealth from loss.

Al Mamora Resistance Committees offer condolences to the family of the martyr Atif, and wish them and his loved ones patience and solace. We affirm that we are steadfast on our principles and are walking on the path of our revolution to the end, and we will support the northern revolutionaries until victory.

Al Mamora Resistance Committees
February 11, 2022