Press Release |Raise Your Voice, You Are The Revolution – Change and Resistance Committee – Hlfayat Almlook

The women are the revolution’s cornerstone and solid foundation, and her ululation signals the commencement of its marches.  Sudanese revolutionary women are always present through thick and thin.

We have recently witnessed the military forces and putschists targeting of girls and women, as well as their use of rape as a weapon of intimidation and curtailment of the feminist revolutionary tide, as they have been practicing their futile actions in displaced people camps, war zones, prisons, ghost houses, and in processions.

And what happened in Hajjar Univesity Dorms for Girls is inseparable from the frayed intellectual system itself. Security and safety are a natural right, and violating the female students’ housing is a violation of the right of Sudanese citizenship to a decent life.

As a result, we condemn these heinous acts, regardless of who perpetrated them, whether putschists or others. We support the female residents of theHajjar Univesity Dorms for Girls and their rightful demands, and all those who blocked and threatened the students from publicizing the incident must be held accountable, since the dorm doors were closed to them and were barred from protesting.

We also demand the formation of an investigation committee into this incident and the inclusion of female students in the investigation council, in addition to a review of the Student Support Fund, which failed to manage the provision of basic rights for male and female students, and we call for the formation of mechanisms and organizations that address housing and security issues for male and female students because they are the basis of this revolution.

Media Committee
Change and Resistance Committee – Hlfayat Almlook
January 27, 2022