Press Release | Publication of the chater for the establishment of the people’s authority – Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination

We formally apologize to all revolutionaries for not following the agreed-upon matrix for releasing the charter for the establishment of the people’s authority, which was scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, February 20, due to technical issues with the state’s media and b ased on the internally announced matrix, the news was disseminated on various revolutionary pages and the coordination page of Karari Resistance Committees.

And we, in Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination, confirm that your charter, the charter of the people’s authority, has completed all its technical, legal and linguistic stages and is now subject to the final presentation stage on the revolutionary base that makes the first and final decision to authorize its publication as a preliminary version for the spectra of the Sudanese people, subject to addition, modification, and deletion after publication, and it is a copy that cannot be signed by any party.

In conclusion, we are fully aware that all the revolutionaries inside and outside the resistance committees coordinations and our comrades at Gadiboon, Mlook Al Ishtibak and all the other revolutionary blocs, the general of our rebellious people, are looking with anticipation and concern about the announcement of the long-awaited charter, and we apologize for the delay, as the reason is for more technical improvement, consultation, and participation of all revolutionaries in the making of the people’s authority charter, as well as to avoid not leaving any coordination behind us, because we believe there is no way out of the gallows of history for our country other than through our unity and solidarity.

Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination
Media Office
February 19, 2022