Press Release | Processions of The Ninth of June – East Khartoum Neighborhoods Resistance Committees Coordination

May God’s mercy and forgiveness be upon the martyrs of the Sudanese revolution, speedy recovery for the injured, freedom for the detainees inside the dark cells and the safe return of the missing.

In continuation of our steadfast people’s struggles against the coup council and its militias, which do nothing but killing and shedding the blood of the Sudanese people in cold blood, the peaceful processions of the ninth of June took place in various areas of Khartoum State and other neighborhoods in the rest of the states of our beloved homeland. These processions were subjected to the most severe types of excessive repression with live bullets, tear gas and stun grenades directed directly at the bodies of the peaceful revolutionaries.

Our proud people:

In spite of the murderers’ claim that the state of emergency had been lifted, their forces perpetrated these heinous crimes, which resulted in the injury of more than eight peaceful revolutionaries by live ammunition in the city of Khartoum alone. In addition, one of the revolutionaries in the city of Madani sustained a direct hit from a live bullet to the chest, as well as other injuries with conditions ranging from stable to unstable.

Our free people:

We, the East Khartoum Neighborhoods Resistance Committees Coordination, affirm that these violations will not deter us or stop our peaceful struggles; rather, they will strengthen our resolve to bring down and hold accountable these militias that feed on the blood of our comrades in the streets of the revolution.

East Khartoum Neighborhoods Resistance Committees Coordination
June 9, 2022