Press Release | Processions of March 21st March – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

In the name of the rebellious and steadfast Sudanese people, we pray for God’s to be upon mercy on the souls of the honorable martyrs, and we send sincere prayers to the injured for a speedy recovery.

Our people wrote another epic of their valiant steadfastness in the face of the brutal October 25 coup through processions on March 21 in various cities and states of Sudan, confirming that our people have a lot of experience with peaceful resistance work and that they will not retreat without achieving their goals in freedom, peace, and justice.

Our Brave People:

On March 21, the marches were violently suppressed, resulting in the death of a revolutionary with live bullet and a number of injuries in Omdurman. The coup authority’s forces have resorted to using new types of sound bombs and tear gas; these bombs, which have a multi-effect impact of gas and shrapnel and emit a loud thunderous sound, are designed to cause the largest number of casualties among peaceful revolutionaries, confirming that the coup authority’s forces are working only for more repression and killing.

The march of change and the continuation of the revolutionary escalation schedule will continue by diversifying the tools of peaceful resistance from barricading, vigils, and joint action in neighborhoods. We support all forms and tactics of peaceful resistance as strikes and sit-ins, in our belief that the revolution is a union, committee, neighborhood, and work that never stops.

Our Capable People:

Our people suffer from the policies of this coup authority economically, as it resorted to doubling the suffering of the citizen through large increases in prices of goods and services, which led to a clear economic collapse, and directing all financial resources of the state to finance the machine of oppression and the security and military agencies.

We call on all the revolutionaries to adhere to peacefulness, to continue the act of resistance, and to rally together to bring down the coup and hand over power to civilians. Sudanese people will undoubtedly accomplish their objectives, and the demands of the revolution and change will be fulfilled.

Long live our people free and victorious

Media Office
March 21, 2022