Press Release | Preparation for the June 30 Epic – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

The masses of the people of Sudan

May God’s mercy and forgiveness be upon the martyrs of the homeland, speedy recovery for the injured, the safe and sooner return of the missing and those whose fate is unknown

Freedom for us and for all detainees incarcerated unfairly and unjustly behind the cells, and shame, and disgrace for all murderers and the putschists.

We address you today as the days are moving fast towards an epic battle in the course of this revolution, the battle of the people of Sudan against the ruling military junta. On the thirtieth of June, a memory that moves our hearts, emotions and minds to that day when the people of Sudan discovered the greatness of their power in the march of millions in various cities and villages of Sudan, and here we are today facing the challenge of summoning that force in order to knockout to the faltering authority. We are committed to its complete overthrow and rejecting any settlement with it, so that all those who want to enter into a partnership with the putschists know that they will fall with them to the dustbin of history.

We call on all revolutionaries, resistance committees, unions, and political organizations that believe in change to engage in the mobilization for this great battle by conducting processions, vigils, public addresses, and the distribution of paper clips, so that we, like an army of ants, all move and work nonstop from the moment until the morning of the decisive day, for our victory on this day depends on what we will accomplish, the revolution is work, commitment and dedication.

We, in the Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination, announce a media campaign for the June 30 march, which begins with the unification of social media profile display images into one image, alongside the hashtag #June30March.

We urge all revolutionaries to respond and help in the announcement of the millions-march so that the whips of our usual peacefulness inflame the backs of tyrants and turn their fragile authority’s dreams of survival into a never-ending nightmare until its complete overthrow and the establishment of a full civil authority that carries the torch of the process of civil democratic transformation and the state of freedom, peace, and justice.

Victory for the people of Sudan
And the gallows for the killers

Media Office
June 21, 2022