Press Release | Practices of Al-Bashir’s Security Committee – Change & Resistance Committees – Hlfayat Almlook

The authorities acquitted the leader of the dissolved Non-National Congress Party, Ibrahim Ghandour, and the party’s leader, Anas Omar, and others of the charges leveled against them, and they are the ones against whom the Sudanese people rose up and sacrificed the most honorable men and women.

Since the dawn of the tragic twenty-fifth of October, the same authorities have been arresting and forcefully disappearing revolutionaries, issuing verdicts without evidence, and fabricating charges without proof against them.

Then they walk out into the public, dressed in the guise of the revolution, rejoicing at their noble principles, that they had never believed in, but which they had instead removed off all walls.

We in the Change and Resistance Committees condemn lies and deception, and denounce the arrogance practiced by Al-Bashir’s Security Committee, which strips it of its dress of revolution. And we will work with our comrades who believe in the significance of defeating this coup, which has been taking the lives of defenseless Sudanese civilians for the last five months, to take our peaceful resistance to a new and surprising level.

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Change & Resistance Committees – Hlfayat Almlook