Press Release| Our revolutionary and political aims, announced since the 25th of October – Karari Resistance Committees Coordination

Since October 25th, our stated position has been that Sudan is in the midst of a coup staged by the military, Rapid Support Forces, and the former regime’s Security Committee. The coup plotters have been perpetrating atrocities against the Sudanese people since the Ramadan Massacre in 2019 and continue to do so to this day. Attempts to legitimize the military coup and determine the fate of the Sudanese people without their consultation continue behind closed doors and through interventions by the Head of the UN integrated Transition Assistance Mission, who is acting as a mediator on behalf of the coup and the criminals behind it. To that end, we are declaring publicly that, “We will not sell our sweat and pure blood for nothing”. The streets have spoken. No negotiations, No Partnership, and No Legitimacy. Ambiguous positions do not represent us, as our stance is clearer that the sunlight at dawn. Our hands were the ones that blinded the eyes of the darkness with light, we are the descendants of the streets from which wearies and return. To the streets we vowed, through blood and sweat, whether as martyrs or wounded, missing or politically detained. We will never march for personal gains or political desire, our sole aim is Sudan and the creation of a complete civilian government under which the ability to run the state and its resources is in the hands of the people. A state in which all military institutions are barred from political participation, the dealings of military-owned corporations are state-controlled, all militias are dissolved and a unified national army is formed under civilian leadership.

Our revolutionary and political aims, announced since the 25th of October, are outlined below:

  1. Overthrowing the military coup and handing over full power to civilians.
  2. Handing over all members of the military council to urgent and immediate trials on charges of instituting a military coup, committing massacres, and violating human rights.
  3. No dialogue, no negotiations and no partnership with any of the members of the military council and all members of the deposed regime’s security committee, and rejecting interference by internationals axes.
  4. Dissolving all armed militias and reconfiguring the people’s armed forces, within a specified period, in accordance with a national doctrine aimed protecting the country’s borders and the people’s rights to freedom, peace and justice.
  5. Removing all armed and civic forces form the political process once and for all, by criminalizing and preventing the practice of the politics by the military.
  6. Forming all the structures of the transitional authority within a specific period, under supervision of the relevant professional and academic bodies.
  7. Complete independence of the sovereignty of the Sudanese state with regard to all economic, political and security decisions

Karari Resistance Committees Coordination
January 12, 2022