Press Release – One day Sit-in

Glory and immortality for the souls of the martyrs who were shot dead in the 13 november million man march, speedy recovery for the injured and the immediate return of all the victims of enforced disappearance in the detention facilities of the coup leaders.

Yesterday, the coordination of the Greater Omdurman resistance committees met to follow up on the reports of the injured, detainees in the million-man march on Saturday, November 13; the meeting assessed the Revolutionary Movement for the Million-Man March day on Saturday, in which the streets proved peacefully that power is for the people and no authority is above the authority of the people and there is no power capable of silencing the voice of the revolution.

The meeting also discussed the issue of revolutionary escalation and its appropriate options and ways of implementing it, where the coordinations agreed to support all forms of resistance that reject the coup and support every revolutionary action organized by the resistance committees, evolutionary union and professional organizations and any revolutionary movement if we see that its objectives conform to our stated objectives and are included in the three nos “no negotiation, no partnership, no bargaining”.

Our efforts in the coordination of the Greater Omdurman Resistance Committees will continue to strengthen channels of communication with all revolutionary forces and we always seek to develop and develop our peaceful means and strengthen our coordination and networking channels with our allies in the forces of the revolution aimed at radical change.

One day sit-in:

  1. We, in the coordination of the Greater Omdurman Resistance Committees, agreed to hold a one-day sit-in on Martyr Abdul Azim Street “Formerly Al-Arbaeen St.” on Wednesday, November 17, we will publish the details later.
  2. For special estimates, the coordination of Karri resistance committees decided to support the movement, but through speeches of internal protests and joint events between the neighboring neighborhoods on November 17, the internal protests schedules of Karri will be published later.

We’d like to also note that the coordinations of the Greater Omdurman Resistance Committees have pages, platforms and spokespersons as our means of announcing our escalatory steps and revolutionary movement schedules when it is agreed upon.

Tuesday, November 16
Media and joint communication Office
Coordination of the Greater Omdurman Resistance Committees