Press Release | On the violations that happened this morning at Jackson Station in Khartoum – Umbadda Al Sabeel Neighborhoods Association

First and foremost, we pray for God’s mercy to be bestowed upon the souls of our glorious and righteous martyrs, and we wish a speedy recovery for the injured  the  return of the missing, and freedom for those arbitrarily detained in coup cells.

The steadfast and patient masses of our people:

We have followed with regret the barbaric events practiced by the coup militias in the central Khartoum area (Jackson’s Station) of looting and destroying the property of peddlers and shaving the heads of young people in a flagrant violation of the most fundamental human rights and intimidation of innocent and vulnerable civilians.

The masses of our resistant people:

The looting, beatings, and violations that occurred today at Jackson station are part of a full-fledged security strategy, the major goal of which is to vacate the (central Khartoum) area before the momentous day, and the aim of which is to cause disorder to implement what is even worse.

In conclusion, we say (we will not be intimidated by the soldiers, those with ridiculous beards, nor the security dogs).

Media Office
March 30, 2022